At CollectorTech we want to help keep your collection floor running smoothly. Our CollectorView product puts live collector activity on an HDTV for all to see. It acts like a banner that collectors can look to and know where they are and where they are heading.

It unifies teams, drives collectors toward their goals, and reduces chaos on the floor.

There are a lot of distractions on the collection floor, some are necessary and some are frivolous. However, all tend to pull collectors away from their primary objective - to recover money on behalf of your clients. CollectorView raises that objective high for all to see, helping collectors and teams focus on what's important.

Let's face it, the collection supervisor doesn't have a lot of tools at their disposal to help them manage their people. They are left to urge and prod their teams toward their goals with little more than their warm and charming personalities. With CollectorView, supervisors can unify and urge their team simply by pointing to it and saying, "Let's hit our goal by noon, we're almost there."