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Mar 12 2013

Book Review: Sales Contestology

Sales Contestology: 7 Step guide to Sales Contests is a great e-book that I just ran across. It’s a treasure trove of ideas for creating, running an assessing contests. And while it’s geared toward sales, the content ideas can be easily applied to collections. Best of all, it’s free!

From the e-book, here are the seven steps that are covered:

  1. Set your […] contest objective
  2. Decide how to measure your […] contest
  3. Define criteria for choosing contest winners
  4. Select contest prizes to award
  5. Create a plan to communicate and roll-out your contest
  6. Announce winners/earners and determine ROI
  7. Maintain control

This method embraces an everybody-can-win approach which is perfect for motivating the individual efforts of collectors. Of  interest to managers, it also delves into ways to measure the success or ROI of the contest. Being able to track this data should make it even easier to create future contests that just as successful, if not more so. Again, some of the ideas have to be converted from a sales ideology to collections, but it shouldn’t be hard to do.

Sales Contestology is written by Mark Repkin and Marci Reynolds and sponsored by the Certif-A-Gift Company.

Download Sales Contestology: 7 Step Guide to Sales Contests

* I have no connection to the authors or their companies. I simply found their work to be interesting and hopefully valuable to you.