Aug 7 2013

CollectorView Update 1.0.14

There is a new version of CollectorView.  There have been some changes to some behind-the scenes stuff, but some user additions as well.

  1. When sending transactions to the API and Host Refernece ID’s (account numbers) are included, we validate that that same reference ID has not been already submitted that same day.  This helps with some cheating and mistakes that have been made by collectors.  If you submit a transaction for an account that has already received a transaction that day, collectors will see an error.  If a second transaction is needed, you can still enter it through the web portal.
  2. We’ve done extensive work to interface with the payment provider and automate the renewal process.  It’s not quite done, but very close.
  3. We’ve improved the way new accounts are set up, the process is a little more stream-lined.
  4. We’ve added email distribution lists to the transaction export.  You can now enter an email distribution list in the screen setup and when you run the report you can select to send the report via email to anyone on the email list.  We will shortly be adding a nightly email distribution as well.
  5. We now require all agent names in the agency to be unique.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Enjoy!

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