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May 19 2013

CollectorView Update 1.0.13

We have a new version of CollectorView running.  Here are some of the big changes.

  1. Enable or disable the transitions effects on the charts (like the bars sliding in, or the pie chart zooming in).  This has a way of making the system run smoother on lower-end machines.
  2. In addition to tracking daily goals we can now track monthly and weekly goals in CollectorView charts.  Note: we do not have this available in the portal yet.
  3. Fixed a bug where it was possible to lose the correct user to team/department association when reassigning agents.  I usually don’t put bugs in these lists, but this bug was particularly problematic so people who have been bitten by it in the past will want to know that it is fixed.
  4. Ability to track client fees as opposed to raw dollars collected.
  5. The ability for CollectorView client’s to be associated with  multiple host-system clients.  Some people, in their collection software have multiple clients set up that all pertain to the same actual client.  This will help with that in direct API interfaces.
  6. An integration between Columbia Ultimate‘s Collector System and the CollectorTech API.



May 2 2013

Gameday Thursday: The Money Hat

For this game you will need some silly hats, some money (paper bills), and a bell.  In our example, we’ll run this contest 3 times, but how many times during the day is, obviously, up to you.

Take 3 hats (preferably silly hats or novelty hats from a party store) and tape money to them.  Predetermine 3 times during the day, write them down but keep it hidden.  The first collector to take a payment gets to wear a hat.  The next collector to take a payment takes the hat from them and wears it until another collector takes a payment and the hat switches again.  When the first predetermined time arrives, ring the bell and the collector with the hat gets to keep the money (and the hat if you like).  Repeat for the additional hats and times.

Enjoy!  If you try it, or have tried it before, please share your experience in the comments.

Do you have a game or contest you’ve run that has worked well?  Use the “contact us” link above to share it with others.