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Feb 3 2013

CollectorTech Update 1.0.10

We had a system update this weekend.  A lot of it has to do with the launch of the transaction entry API which would allow you, with appropriate credentials, to automatically submit (or retrieve) transactions to CollectorTech.  This means we can soon do away with collector-entered transactions if your system has been integrated with the API.

Some changes you, as users, will notice are:

  1. You can now enter the host ID for agents and clients.  These associate your host system ID’s to your collectorTech Id’s.
  2. There are now two new roles available in user set up: Director and Executive.  Right now they both do the same thing – show only the progress bars for everything associated with the screen.  In an upcoming release the Executive will be able to see everything in the company, not just the screen.
  3. Tickers and shows that are empty no longer cause the system to crash.
  4. Various bug fixes for the new grids display.


As always, let us know if there is an issue.