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Jan 6 2013

CollectorTech Update 1.0.9

We updated the system last night to 1.0.9.  You’ll find some fun things in here, it’s a pretty  hefty update.  Mostly due to the addition of the active grid module to the CollectorPortal.  The grid requires Internet Explorer 9 or above or pretty much any other modern browser.  If you need to use IE8 or earlier, the system will revert to the non-dynimic grid system from before.

Here are the highlights for the update.

  1. Tabbed views of progress bars in CollectorPortal.  You can select the tab of which type of bar you want to see.
    A new progress bar (under its own tab) for clients.  As an admin or manager you will see the clients tab and a progress bar for each client in your domain.  NOTE – you will need to go into the clients menu and set up daily goal amounts for each client for this to work properly.
  2. New grid displays.  You’ll notice that the grids are now editable without having to use the “edit” button.  Just update the fields and click save at the bottom.  You can update multiple entries at once this way too.
  3. The grid allows for searching.  Just click in the box next to the magnifying glass and type in whatever you’re searching for, the grid will automatically adjust to show just what matches what you type.  Right now the search is only good for the page you are on – I’m looking at expanding that capability.
  4. The grid is sortable.  You can click on any column heading and the grid will sort by that column.  Click it again and it will sort in the reverse order.
  5. Grid columns are re-sizable.  You can drag the column bars in the heading to re-size the columns.  It doesn’t remember your settings, however.
  6. Some of the grids do not have a delete column but instead have a “deactivate” column.  To remove an item, simply choose deactivate, then save.  You’ll still see that item in the grid until you leave and go back into that menu – then it will be gone.

Note – we still have an issue with reassigning employees.  If you need to alter agents, teams, or user associations around, let send us an email for the time being.  We’ll get this fixed up soon.